Key Personnel

Our Team Leaders

Our Team Leaders who have contributed immensely to our Growth

Khairil Anuar Muhammad

Chief Operating Officer / Acting Chief Executive Officer

Khairil Anuar Muhammad is the Chief Operating Officer / Acting Chief Executive Officer. He holds BSEE from State University of New York at Buffalo. He started his career in Motorola Inc, Semiconductor Division with various job responsibilities as product engineer, test engineer and system engineer. Experience in dealing with product transfer from Austin, Texas USA to Kuala Lumpur and test development on various test platforms such as Teradyne Digital (J9XX) and Mixed Signal (A5xx) series. He received various Technical excellence awards in his 7-year experience in Motorola in the area of test optimization technique. In My-MS, he setup Serial EEPROM, Secured Memory production line with managing offshore subcontractors. He leads group of experience IC design, product and test engineering team in developing complex smartcard chip with security cryptographic application and plays instrumental role for customer technical interface.

Rosnany Abu Bakar

Head of IC Development / Project Management

Rosnany Abu Bakar is the Head of IC Development and Project Management. She received her B.Sc Degree in Computer Engineering from Polyctechnic University, New York. She has been working with My-MS for 15 years and she is an experienced analog/custom physical IC design engineer in the semiconductor industry. In addition, she has been involved in many engineering projects specifically in Embedded FLASH and EEPROM process technology. Her job scope include managing both front-end and back-end design activities, liasing with wafer foundry team for process related issue, and supporting the product/test engineering team for functional verification, chip debugging and failure analysis. She is also a qualified Internal Auditor for MS ISO 9001:2008. Prior to joining My-MS, she has worked with Altera (M) Corporation as a VLSI mask design engineer.